Vision Lead Intelligence CRM Review

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While it might not have the name recognition of some of the bigger named real estate website & CRM solution providers, the Vision Lead Intelligence system is one of the most impressive and comparably affordable options in the industry.

With advanced cookie tracking and active engagement technology that allows them to track and create profiles/accounts for all site visitors (not just registered uers as most competitive products do), Vision and YourMLSSearch are on the cutting edge of where things are going in the Real Estate Website & CRM world.  By dynamically creating these accounts and creating Identity, a personalized Welcome screen it truly creates a powerful and unique experience to all users and increases the site owners volume of leads exponentially.

All of this is made possible by the technology running behind the scenes related to the cookie tracking and the User Communication bar that ties in the User’s account information as well as two-way communications between the site user and site owner.

Enterprise or company solutions are available and include additional capabilities including advanced lead routing, manager/admin workflow monitoring, etc.

And the best part is the Vision Lead Intelligence system is seamlessly integrated into an excellent IDX website solution (desktop & mobile) in an all-inclusive and surprisingly affordable package which makes Vision & YourMLSSearch a RETI Editors Choice for both categories.

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