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Real Estate Blogging 101

Blogging is an essential component of a modern marketing plan as it allows you to establish credibility/expertise on a topic, gives you a huge boost for SEO & is a key tool in getting users to come back or repeat visits to your website. And the good news is, modern blogging is no longer long-form article writing, but short entries meaning it is not as time-consuming as it used to be. And you can create a blog in whatever content delivery format (written, video/vblog, audio/podcast, or combination of the 3) you prefer. In this session, as RETI's Amy Smythe-Harris will explore what a blog is, how they work, give you tips and resources to help you come up with blog topics and more so you can learn how to leverage a blog in your real estate marketing plan. Wednesday, July 17th @ 3 PM EST Instructor: Amy Smythe-Harris

Wednesday, July 17th

@ 03:00 PM EDT

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