Data Security & Safety for Real Estate

Real Estate is a very dangerous profession, but the good news is there are now several technology solutions available to help you address the inherent risks & help protect you in your job.

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Laws & NAR Policies | General Tech Safety Tips

Data Security & Safety Intro & Related Webinars

Viruses & Malware Security

Protecting Your Identity & Social Engineering

Laws & NAR Policies

General Tech Security & Personal Safety Tips

2 thoughts on “Data Security & Safety for Real Estate

  1. Craig, it was great having you in my class at the TAR Conference in Austin (even if you were a terrible student?) I can’t seem to find the presentation material from the 2 hour class you taught on your website. Can you please direct me? If you are looking for instructors, I would love to help with that IF you thought I could do a good job for you. I was a former Systems Engineer with IBM before I was A Realtor. Let me know.

    • Hi Sherri,
      First thanks so much for your kinds words as I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed the session and that is extra special coming from a fellow instructor. As for the course, sure go to and then click on Student Downloads and you will see the list of classes you can download and the course we did that day is the 4th in the list called Data Security or How Technology Can Ruin Your Business.

      As for you potentially being an instructor for the course, that would be great but the version I did that day was only a 2-hour preview of the full day/8-hour class which I’ll be doing again on June 1st. To be able to teach it you have to monitor the course and be a CRS instructor, which I checked their site and you don’t seem to be. Is that something you are working on? Please let me know as I would love for you to be able to teach it if you can.

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