The Future of Real Estate Tech – Voice & Transparency

There is no question, the real estate industry is already going thru major changes and innovation is changing the industry at an incredible pace. But what are trends that are sure to be 2 of the biggest disruptors to change/affect the industry over the next several years? Voice and Transparency!

In this Webinar, RETI’s Warren Dow will discuss these 2 facets with 2 experts in the field, Voiceter Pro’s Miguel Berger and Let’s Butterfly’s Haitham Al-Beik.

Voiceter Pro is the leader in smart speaker applications for the real estate industry. Let’s Butterfly is a leader in open api development and tools to provide open transparency of the real estate process.

Wednesday April 24th @ 3 PM EST
Instructor: Warren Dow
Special Guests: Voiceter Pro’s Miguel Berger & Let’s Butterfly’s Haitham Al-Beik

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