20 Best Apps for Real Estate w Craig Grant

With literally millions of apps to choose from these days it can be overwhelming trying to pick which ones you should use.  Well have no fear, as RETI CEO Craig Grant, a well known lover of all things apps will help by providing you the 20 Best Apps for Real Estate in this awesome webinar!!

Instructor: Craig Grant
Date: Wednesday, January 25th @ 3 PM EST

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Apple IOS (iPhone & iPad) Devices

Apple iOS Devices (IPhone & IPad)
Apple makes great devices, from the MAC computers to IPhones, to IPads & more.  Learn keys to using them!


Advantages & Disadvantages of Apple IOS Devices
  • 1 model/year = Always great

  • Best app & accessory selection

  • Tighter security control of ecosystem

  • Easiest to learn

  • 1 model/year = low innovation

  • Less user friendly after the initial learning
    (no back button, menus, memory card, ports, etc.)


5 iPad Tips

5 ipad tips