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Evernote is one of the most powerful but also confusing or overwhelming tools because it can do so much. In this session, Evernote Expert & RETI Team Member Amy Smythe-Harris will show you the ropes of the Basics of Evernote for Real Estate.
YouTube is the world's largest video hosting site and it makes it very easy to post any video onto your own site using it's sharing options. In this video learn how to do it.
In several other videos the RETI team has boasted about the awesomeness of Google Apps for Business, the business Google account that includes e-mail, contacts, calendars, office suite, file storage and more, with 24-7 support directly with Google. One of the best parts of Google Apps is Google Docs, the part that has the office suite (Sheets = Excel, Docs = Word, Slides = Power Point, etc.). And an added benefit of using Google Docs is the world of Add-Ons which are like little apps or 3rd party tools that you can install inside them to make them even cooler. In this session we will teach you about Yet Another Mail Merge or YAMM that ties a spreadsheet in Sheets to a Draft you create in Gmail to seamlessly do a Mail Merge for mail blasting purposes!
Using URL Shorteners Sometimes having a long url can be problematic. Let’s say for example you want to send a client a link to a listing from your MLS and the url is so long that it will take up multiple lines in the email. Well most email programs will break that url at each line break leading to your customer being frustrated not being able to click on the link (or clicking on a broken 404 link). Then they contact you and feel you don’t know what you’re doing, etc. Well that’s where a URL shortener comes in, as you could take that long url and turn it into a short one that is guaranteed not to break! Watch this video to learn more about URL Shorteners.
Facebook is the world's most popular site, but many users are confused of the difference of their Personal Timeline versus their Newsfeed
Facebook Live is an awesome platform that let's you livestream directly onto the world's most popular social media site. In this session learn how to leverage it for real estate.
A key to being a mobile realtor is being able to execute offers from the field including doing a digital signature. In this video we will show you how to sign a pdf file from an IPad.
A key to really optimally using a mobile device is configuring &/or organizing it. In this video learn how to organize your apps, favorite tools, remove tools you don't use and more
Encryption is a process of password protecting that scrambles the content making it useless to anyone who doesn't have the password to unlock the item. In this video learn how to encrypt any file or folder on your computer.
REALTORS typically collect and store vital Personally identifiable Information with little to no training on how to properly store it. This video is an intro or overview of data security for real estate.
Making a website is easy, making a successful real estate website is not. In this session, Craig will provide the Top Ten Tips to having a great site including design & search trends, hot tools and more.
A lot of real estate is done on the road from our cars and of course you can't be texting, reading or using your devices while you drive. Everything needs to be hands-free and the Koomus Air Conditioning Vent Smartphone Mount/Holder is a great solution to help you be totally hands from and yet still be productive.
Edit Your Images and then make very cool, fun and memorable pictures, collages & more using the PhotoFunia App
Imagine being able to control your lights, thermostat, open/close your doors, monitor your security and more all from one tool or app. Now you can with the Nexia Smart Home System
The biggest factor in your websites SEO ranking is now mobile compatibility. In this section you will learn why this is so and how you can use the Google Mobile Friendly Site Tester to see if Your Website can pass the test and meet Google's standards
A key component to a good SEO score is making sure that your website's code is inline with Google's standards and that there aren't any issues or errors with the code or structure of the site. In this session You will learn how to use Google's Structured Data Website Tester
The search bar on Google is extremely powerful. In this session you will learn how to use the Google Search Operators to help you yield better results on your future searches.
Picking the best keywords to use in your site content and especially if you are going to do Pay Per Click Advertising. The good news is Google has a great free tool called the Google Keyword Planner
RIPL is a great tool that allows you to quickly and easily make animated gif which offer high performance and engagement on all marketing channels.