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One of the coolest part of the Network is not just the recorded videos & webinars, but also the potential direct access to the RETI Team. In addition to the Monday Night Hangouts (MNH), which allows you to log onto a Google Hangout each week and ask our team any tech related question you might have, you could also opt to become a RETI Premium, Gold or Platinum Level member.  Both packages include the Silver Package that provides you unlimited access to the entire site, but Gold Level members also get 1 personal 1-on-1 training call with a RETI Team Member of their choice.

Platinum Level members get 2 personal 1-on-1 training calls per month.

And not only do you get to pick the RETI Team Member to be your instructor/consultant, but you have the ability to pick a different instructor and topic you desire each month.

For details and current pricing go to the RETI Sign Up page

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2 thoughts on “Personal Training & Consulting

  1. Good morning, I have signed up yet I am not able to get to any instruction on on taking some sessions now also it keeps clicking into Spanish. Please help, Victoria Briggs 954-522-3700

    • Hey Victoria,

      First thank you for signing up early and I am sure you are going to love the site and all the educational resources it has.

      The reason you can’t get to the instructional stuff yet is because the site isn’t fully live until the 18th.

      But at the same time you shouldn’t be seeing anything in Spanish. You should have gone to a page that explained this and also received a few emails doing the same but then again we are still trying to work out all the bugs in that process.

      If you can you please confirm/provide some details (maybe even some screen shots) of what happened it would be greatly appreciated so we can trouble shoot it on our end.
      1. Did you start the free trial period or sign up for the paid/silver account?
      2. What pages you tried to go to that produced the issues
      3. Did you get any of the emails from us and if so which ones?
      4. Any thing else you can think of that you thought was weird?

      Any details you can provide will help us figure this out so that no one else has a similar experience, but again the main reason you can’t get to the instructional videos is they are still hidden/protected until the 18th (so we might just disable the pre-registration if it can’t be tweaked to work the way we intended it).

      If you would rather do a phone call to explain to me what happened I can do that as well.

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