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When Apple launched the original App Store with the slogan, “There’s an App for That” it seemed perfect because there were so many apps to chose from.  Well that was 2008, now there are literally over 2 million apps in the IOS App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.  And there are thousands to choose from that are tailored just for the real estate industry.  This can be pretty overwhelming, not know where to start, which ones to use, which are a waste of time, etc.  Well the RETI Team is here to help with our breakdown of the Best Apps for Real Estate!!!

Canva (FREE on both IOS and Android) – Canva is the easiest to use graphic design tool around.  Regardless how weak your skills are, you can use Canva to design flyers, social media posts, account headers, invite cards, infographics, business cards, and a whole lot more.  It is extremely easy to use because Canva has hundreds of professional designs, fonts, graphics, etc. for you to choose from that you can then easily edit.  Plus a library of over 1 million images, some free, some $1 or you can upload your own for free.  And then you can either share the file directly to social media, email it to others or download it to your own device (jpg, png or pdf file).  Plus it can be used online (at or as an app on mobile devices.  Click here to see a webinar on Using webinar on Using Canva or check out the video to get an overview on this awesome system.

Canva  RETI Review

Flipboard (FREE on both IOS and Android) -Flipboard is the best news/content aggregating tool there is and the best part about it is, you can create your own personal Magazines on any topic you are interested in and it will constantly find you all the best content about that topic online. So you can create Magazines for your town, for real estate, etc. and it will pull in all the information for you on those topics without you having to scour the Internet looking for it. And part of its power is how it presents the content as it allow you to just “Flip” through each story which allows you to go through a lot of content in a short amount of time and really stay on top of your business. And it is a vital tool to use for social media as you can share any story directly from the Flipboard app to any of your social media profiles (or you can opt to not share it and just use the article as your idea for a post).

Flipboard  RETI Review

HootSuite (FREE on both IOS and Android) – is amazing tool that allows you to manage your entire social media life out of one screen/dashboard.  You can keep up on all the activity, comment to others posts, create your own, schedule them for the future, etc. all out of one place.

HootSuite  RETI Review

GLTYR (FREE on both IOS and Android) is an advertising platform that allows you to target and reach consumers on their mobile devices.

GLTYR     RETI Review

MailChimp (FREE on both IOS and Android) – is the best email marketing system there is with plenty of beatiful designs, excellent tracking, posting to social media and much more.  Plus if you have less than 2,000 contacts it is totally free to use!

MailChimp  RETI Review

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