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When Apple launched the original App Store with the slogan, “There’s an App for That” it seemed perfect because there were so many apps to chose from.  Well that was 2008, now there are literally over 2 million apps in the IOS App Store as well as in the Google Play Store.  And there are thousands to choose from that are tailored just for the real estate industry.  This can be pretty overwhelming, not know where to start, which ones to use, which are a waste of time, etc.  Well the RETI Team is here to help with our breakdown of the Best Apps for Real Estate!!!

Animoto (FREE on both IOS and Android) – Animoto is the easiest to use video editing mobile app (or website on a computer) there is if you want to create one kind of video, a commercial with music.  While not a powerful or versatile as WeVideo, this program is just easier so might be a better option for users with low tech skills or that just want to be able to quickly build professional looking commercials for their listings.  $8/mo or $30/mo packages are available.

Animoto  RETI Review     |      Demo     |     Webinar

Camera Plus ($0.99 on both IOS and Android) – Camera Plus is the best app for enhancing your photos on a mobile device as it adds a lot of settings and filters that you would typically find on a standalone digital or DSLR camera.

Camera Plus  RETI Review     |      Demo

Enlight (Free Chrome Browser Extension) – Enlight is an excellent photo editing app.  So if you take a picture of one of your properties and it is poorly light, overcast, etc. now you have a quick and easy way to fix it up.

Enlight  RETI Review     |      Demo

IMovie ($4.99 for IOS) IMovie is Apple’s own video editing tool and while the software comes free on MAC computers, the app is only $4.99 to put on an IPhone or IPad.  And it is a great video editing solution if you are an IOS user.

IMovie     RETI Review  |      Demo

Photofunia (FREE on both IOS and Android) – How would you like to be able to insert yourself into a famous painting or take a totally ordinary picture and turn it into a really cool social media post and do it easily without any design skills.  Then you’ve got to check out Photofunia.

Photofunia  RETI Review     |      Demo

ScreenCastify (Free Chrome Browser Extension) – ScreenCastify allows you to record the screen with both audio & video (including your webcam as picture in picture), edit and then post it to Google Drive all for free.

ScreenCastify  RETI Review     |      Demo

Videolicious (FREE on both IOS and Android) – Videolicious is a great video editing & production app.

Videolicious  RETI Review     |      Demo

WeVideo (FREE on both IOS and Android) – is the best video editing & production mobile app (can also be used as a website on a computer) on the market.  Very easy to use, extremely versatile and powerful it can create any kind of video and then allow you to easily save &/or post it to just about anywhere on the Internet.  Check out the WeVideo Discount!

WeVideo  RETI Review     |      Demo      |      Webinar    |     RETI Discount

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